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Newman, Amy

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of English


Sexual minorities--Study and teaching; Religion


The widespread tenor within evangelical denominations toward homosexuality maintains that opening up discussion regarding homosexuality is to blatantly deny the authority of God's word. As a member of the LGBTQ community, my exodus from the Christian circle in which I was raised was an inevitable result of the discourse structuring that worldview, which declares that homosexuality unquestionably negates one's relationship with God. Currently, no middle ground exists regarding this tenet; the evangelical discourse labels those who do not conform, as well as those who try to speak out against this verdict, as deceived and unsaved. My manuscript counters evangelicalism's rigid stance on homosexuality by conflating the binaries of good and evil inherent within the discourse. In the tradition of poets Dan Bellm, John Fry and Christian Wiman, I explore themes of exile and home through the traditional imagery and language of Christianity. Throughout my manuscript, I invoke biblical stories and sentiments to challenge the notion of sin (specifically, the sin of homosexuality) as well as to defy my exile by reclaiming God's name. My poetry stands between the rigid binaries of my former community and in that void issues a voice that is both victim and challenger of their resolved discourse.


Advisors: Amy Newman.||Committee members: Joe Bonomo; Brian May.||Includes bibliographical references.


iv, 37 pages




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