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Dietitians--United States--Nutrition; Vitamins in human nutrition--United States; Minerals in human nutrition--United States; Dietary supplements--United States


Many studies have examined vitamin and mineral supplement use among the general United States population, as well as more specific groups. This study examined the vitamin and mineral supplement usage patterns of registered dietitians. Most of the data on vitamin and mineral supplement use was gathered over a decade ago. Limited data are available on supplement usage practices among health care professionals. Registered dietitians have the most extensive scientifically based food and nutrition knowledge of any health professionals and are a source of nutrition information that may influence the nutrient intake of others. Therefore, it is of interest to study dietitians’ own vitamin and mineral supplement usage patterns to determine what they personally use since their personal habits may influence recommendations to clients. A mail survey was conducted in July 2000 to investigate the types and frequency of supplements used by a nationwide sample of registered dietitians. A two-page survey was created by the investigator utilizing literature on past surveys. Five hundred and sixty surveys were sent to registered dietitians who were randomly selected from a sample of members of the American Dietetic Association. The final response rate for this survey was 54%. Percentages were calculated for the types and frequency of supplements used and demographic, health, and professional characteristics. Chi-square values were computed for those who regularly used any type of supplement. ABSTRACT The majority of the respondents were Caucasian females between 30 and 49 years of age residing in suburban areas, with the highest response rate from those living in the Midwest. Results revealed that over 68% of total respondents regularly used some type of supplement. The most popular regularly or occasionally used supplements by the total / population were multiple types, calcium combinations, fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin C combinations, and single vitamins or minerals, in that order. Other combinations, antioxidants, food supplements, and herbal combinations were also reported to be regularly or occasionally used by many respondents.


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