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Price, Ronald D.

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M. Mus. (Master of Music)

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Music--Instruction and study


Visuals, games, and manipulatives perform an important function in the physical, intellectual, and psychological development of children in both music education and general learning. Since students experience learning in different ways, educators need to present stimulating methods for students to participate and respond in manners most appropriate for each individual. These perceptual experiences can occur in a number of ways: visually, auditorally, tactually, kinesthetically, and multisensorily. Visuals, games, and manipulatives must therefore be designed by educators to reinforce learning skills, in which prescribed activities enhance the learning development of children. Studies by Alvarez, Kimura, Kephart, Bruner, Getman, Fernald, Frostig, and Piaget are included as authorities on learning theories and developments. To conclude this study, an evaluation tool has been developed for the purchasing of visuals, games, and manipulatives for the general music classroom, in the skills of visual, auditory, tactile-kinesthetic, motor, language, and social.


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