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Starzyk, Marvin J.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Biological Sciences


Gemmiger formicilis; Bacteria


Three strains of Gemmiger formicilis (Gossling), a newly described Gram-negative, highly pleomorphic, strictly anaerobic species, were tested for their reactions in various prereduced anaerobically sterilized media. The bacterium has a unique morphology in being "bowling pin" or "tear-drop" shaped. The cell dimensions vary from 0.5 μm wide and 1 to 1.5 μm long. Pairs often consist of one large cell firmly attached to a smaller cell, resembling a budding yeast. The highly pleomorphic bacterium has been isolated in high numbers from human fecal and chicken cecal specimens. Previous studies indicated that strains isolated from human feces did not readily ferment raffinose, salicin, sucrose, or trehalose in peptone yeast extract medium. Other studies showed that chicken cecal strains could ferment these carbohydrates in medium containing rumen fluid and trypticase. One human fecal strain (X2-56) and two chicken cecal strains (P9 and R15) were compared using identical procedures. Results from carbohydrate fermentations and reactions in media containing Tween 80, crystal violet, brilliant green, bile, sodium desoxycholate or sodium thiosulfate, indicate that the three strains have similar cultural characteristics.


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