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Ball, Thomas E.

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Department of Physical Education


Exercise tests; Aerobic exercises--Physiological aspects; Women--Physiology; Exercise for women--Physiological aspects


The purpose of this study was to determine the validity and reliability of the 20 Meter Shuttle Test (20MST) and to examine the importance of body composition in predicting maximum oxygen consumption (V̇O[sub 2]max) from 20MST results in American females. Subjects were 41 females, 19-34 years of age, who were students at a large midwestern university or living in the local community. Two trials of the 20MST and a maximal treadmill test were completed by all subjects within a two-week period. Height, weight, age, and sum of skinfolds (triceps, suprailiac, and thigh) were also recorded. Intraclass reliability coefficients were .92 for lengths (one 20-meter distance) completed and .92 for maximal speed obtained during the 20MST, with Trial 2 eliciting significantly higher values for both lengths completed and maximal speed obtained. The following regression equations were developed to relate V02max (ml·kg^(-1)min^(-1)), with the second trial of the 20MST measured in lengths completed (lengths) and maximal speed obtained (speed, km-hr1): V̇O[sub 2]max = .262(Lengths) -I- 25.49 (R̲ = .76, SEE=4.00 ml·kg^(-1)min^(-1)) V̇O[sub 2]max = 4.95(Speed) - 14.06 (R̲ = .71, SEE=4.30 ml·kg^(-1)min^(-1)) Sum of skinfolds, body weight, height, and age did not contribute significantly to explaining V̇O[sub 2]max. The results of this study suggest that the 20MST may be a reliable and valid method of estimating aerobic fitness in females 19-34 years of age. Such information is of practical importance to physical educators because the 20MST can be performed by many subjects at one time, can be done indoors so subjects can be tested during inclement weather, is paced by external auditory signals, and is progressive and maximal in nature.


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