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Reading--Remedial teaching


A study was made at DeKalb High School in an attempt to pinpoint the onset of critical academic underachievement, to analyze its relationship to underachievement in reading, and then to consider the implications of this relationship as they pertain to the curriculum of the high school and to the library. The groups of subjects used for the study were chosen from the Junior and Sophomore levels of DeKalb High School, on the basis of a demonstrated underachievement in reading. They included the lowest quartile of the two classes in the "Iowa Total Reading Skill" tests; but only those in the IQ range of 90 to 110 were used. Grade Equivalent levels of the group were compiled and averaged in both reading and academic areas, the resulting degrees of discrepancy between the DeKalb averages and the mean averages were determined indicating that the effect of reading deficiency for these average underachievers in DeKalb becomes accentuated at the sixth or seventh grade level. A review of the literature in the area indicated that a variety of approaches are being used in an attempt to correct reading deficiency at the secondary level. Authorities agree that the solution chosen must include the developmental, corrective and remedial aspects. It is suggested that such a program be adopted for DeKalb High School whether it be called a Developmental Reading Class or a Reading Laboratory and that the provisions be made to insure its success by acquiring the necessary materials and personnel in both the reading laboratory and the library. This involves, basically, a carefully chosen reading specialist trained for the secondary level, and a library staff and collection of sufficient size to augment his or her work.


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