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Healey, William Albert||Black, Darrel

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Athletes; Physical education and training


Introduction: A great number of coaches are faced every now athletic season with the problem of training rules for their teams. The responsibility of establishing and enforcing training rules is largely up to them. This study hopes to aid the coach in scientific manner and make their task easier. I. Statement of the problem: Training rules for the high school athlete of 1960. II. Sub-problem: The effect of training rules on the health and social development of the present day high school athlete. III. Purpose of this study: This study was undertaken to secure the philosophies of the groups concerned with the development and organization of training rules for the high school athletic program. The specific aim was to discover what training rules were essential to the athletic program and what type of enforcement was feasible. Many coaches spend a great deal of time making training rules, and talking about them to their squads. The analysis of the data secured from this study should enable the coach to compare his training rules schedule with that of other schools in Illinois. Local conditions will cause some variations but the basic content should be about the same. The concepts of training rules can be stated by a quote by Galarneux and Thompson on tobacco smoking namely: "The concepts of smoking are divided into areas: (1) physiological effects of tobacco smoking, and (2) psychological effects of tobacco smoking, and (3) socio-economic effects of tobacco smoking on the individual." Similar to the work cited by Calarneux and Thompson in the preceding study most coaches are also concerned with physiological outlook toward victory for high team morale. The final result should also be an athlete that has improved his social behavior and has left him more fit to earn a living than he was prior to participating in athletics.


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