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Newell, Darrell E.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Industry and Technology


Oscillators; Crystal


A new type of third overtone mode quartz crystal oscillator was developed in this research. A biased TTL inverter was used as a linear amplifier in the oscillator. A twin-tee notch filter tuned to notch out the crystal's fundamental energy was utilized as an inhibitor of fundamental mode oscillations. The circuits developed are adapted for construction using thick film hybrid microelectronic assembly techniques. For analysis, the inverter amplifiers were represented by Z-parameter network equivalent models. Methods of measuring the Z-parameters of the inverter amplifiers were developed and applied to several amplifiers. An ac equivalent circuit for the entire oscillator was developed and a computer analysis was performed to optimize circuit variables. Optimization was performed on a variety of proposed oscillator circuits including circuits utilizing a single inverter amplifier with a coupled monolithic crystal and circuits using multiple inverter amplifiers with monolithic and single resonator crystals. The computer optimized circuits were experimentally tested and found to operate as third overtone mode crystal oscillators with acceptable electrical performance. The twin-tee notch filter was verified to be effective in suppressing fundamental mode oscillations.


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