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Caldwell, Loren T.

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Department of Earth Science


Geology--Study and teaching--Audio-visual aids


The purpose of this paper is twofold: (1) to shew that a set of thirty-five millimeter slides covering a specific segment of the earth sciences (i.e. certain aspects of glacial geology) in a manner that was perfectly suited to the teacher's needs could be produced by the teacher without undue effort end expense, and (2) to show that the slides produced would aid the students involved in the learning task by providing a method of looming certain fundamental concepts that was both meaningful and enjoyable. The production of the slides involved (1) securing knowledge of possible areas to photograph which ware within one-day's drive of the students' homes, sad (2) photographing the areas in a manner that allowed seventh-grade students to understand readily the information that the teacher wished to convey. The effectiveness of the slides as a teaching tool was demonstrated by making a student-by-student comparison of the scores on two identical tests; one administered before the slide lesson sad the ether after the slide lesson. The comparison of the pre-test/post-test scores convinced the teacher that significant learning had taken place. Responses on a student-opinion questionnaire (used as a gauge of student attitudes) indicated that the general feeling of the students was one of involvement in a meaningful and enjoyable experience.


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