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Green, Gerald G.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Corporations; Industrial management


The large corporation is faced with the dilemma of producing the qualified management it needs. Many companies find qualified managers from outside the organization. This approach has, in many instances, proved fruitless. Other companies have developed various training programs. The training programs provide management personnel with general development through participation in in-company and out-company activities. What these training programs lack, however, is a systematic approach to the problem of management development. The initiation of a management development institute is a relatively new innovation in the area of training. Its entry into the area of management development has left the institute a stranger to many. The purpose of the investigation was to analyze the utilization of management development institutes by large corporations. The study was based on an analysis of the following questions: 1. Why do large corporations need management development institutes? 2. What does a management development institute offer a large corporation? 3. What must a large corporation consider before selecting to establish a management development institute? 4. How will the management development institute function? The data was gathered from periodicals, books end government publications. The mentioned sources revealed the type of services offered by the management development institute end also the need for these services. The study indicated that the shortage of adequately trained management personnel could be set by the establishment of organized, systematic management development institutes which service the corporation by providing it with a continuous program of training and development.


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