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Miller, Carroll H. (Carroll Hiram), 1907-||Tink, Albert K.

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Industrial arts; Belvidere (Ill.)--Industries; Belvidere (Ill.)--Occupations


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to develop an adequate directory of community industrial occupations in Belvidere, Illinois, which can offer occupational opportunities for graduates of Belvidere High School and to ascertain the desirability of organizing a special industrial occupational program in the event this survey points out such a need. In addition, the following related topics were studied. 1. Employment possibilities for the high school non-graduate. 2, Employment trends in Belvidere Industry. 3. Types of jobs available to the high school graduate and non-graduates. 4. Methods used in selecting employees by Belvidere employers. 5. Employer preferences regarding the background end training of prospective employees. 6. Employer recommendations relevant to school vocational program. 7. Employer interest in providing on-the-job work experience through a student school-work program. This survey wee limited to obtaining information about industrial occupations available to male high school students. Emphasis was given to locating those students in the high school Industrial Arts program who will be seeking employment in Belvidere industry upon high school graduation. Source of Data: Data were obtained through questionnaires mailed to managers of the twenty-nine industrial firms in Belvidere and adjacent area as listed in the Belvidere Chamber of Commerce files. One-hundred per cent employer response was obtained through telephoning and personally interviewing employers as a follow-up procedure to the questionnaires. Data were also secured from a review of professional periodicals, journals, and books related to the field of educational and vocational guidance. The questionnaire sought answers in these areas: 1. Types of jobs available to the high school graduate and non-graduate in Belvidere industry. 2. Personality characteristics and educational background employers seek in prospective employees. 3. Industrial firms in Belvidere having one-half day school and one-half day work opportunities. 4. Methods and instruments used by employers in selecting and hiring personnel. Summary of Significant Findings: 1. Twenty, or over two-thirds of Belvidere industry have jobs open to high school graduates without previous work experience in any skilled trade. 2. Twenty-one, or over two-thirds of Belvidere industry have jobs open to high school non-graduates without previous work experience in any skilled trade. 3. Eleven, or over one-third of Belvidere industry offer jobs to high school boys on a part-time basis during the school year. 4. Nineteen, or almost two-thirds of the Belvidere industries have jobs available on a part-time or temporary basis for the summer (June-September). 5. Five Belvidere industries offer either an apprentice or inservice training program. 6. Nine, or almost one-third of Belvidere industries have one-half day school and one-half day work opportunities. Three other employers indicated that they would like to look into the program. 7. The majority of Belvidere employers use the personal interview method of selecting and hiring personnel. 8. Twenty, or over two-thirds of the employers indicated that for reference on individuals seeking employment in their plants they contacted the applicants' former employers. 9. Belvidere employers desire student training in machine shop, wood shop, drawing, electronics, blueprint reading, mathematics and English. 10. Belvildere employers place emphasis on applicants having these personality characteristics: willingness to work and learn; ability to get along with others; dependability; punctuality; and a sense of responsibility. 11. Many Belvidere employers felt that character building courses should be added or emphasized in the high school general education program. 12. Nine Belvidere industries encouraging employees to further their education, pay one-half, three-fourths, or full tuition upon satisfactory completion of employer recommended course. The majority of Belvidere employers encourage their employees to extend their education through evening classes, trade schools, or correspondence schools. Implications: This study points out that due to the nature of the work available in Belvidere industry, the high school non-graduate student is as likely to find employment at often and at the job as the high school graduate student. However, the following remarks of Belvidere employers need to be mentioned to clarify this assumption: 1. We hire non-graduates but prefer graduates. 2. The graduate student usually advances to the better jobs much sooner than the non-graduate. 3. Non-graduates are usually given jobs with low requirements and lower prestige than the graduate student. 4. Our company will pay graduates more than non-graduates on jobs similar in nature. 5. Non-graduates are first to be laid off in slow times. 6. We still tell non-graduates to finish high school then come back to us looking for a job. In essence, the study points out that flexible, updated, practical vocational oriented courses need to be added to Belvidere High School's curriculum to better prepare its students for the sort of skills prospective employers are looking for and the kind of character traits employers desire in their employees.


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