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High schools--Curricula; Oceanography--Study and teaching


I have tried in this paper to tell the reader something of the story of the most majestic and challenging physical and biological phenomenon on the earth. This paper is mainly a straightforward record of what I felt to be the most interesting, significant, and exciting material about the oceans. I hope I have managed to convey to the reader something of ray own feeling for the mystery and wonder of the sea. Along with this too I have earnestly tried to reveal my interest and concern as a teacher by providing a way to increase the ease of learning, understanding in learning is helped when a person is able to sort information into its proper category, separating the important from the not so important. Learning the hierarchy of facts and ideas can help do this. I sometimes wonder if my interest in the oceans wasn't unknowingly kindled years ago while crossing the wide Pacific. Observing the magnificence of the sea doesn't let you forget its beauty. One can appreciate his own unimportance While watching the fierceness of a storm on a small ship alone in a wide, deep sea. In contrast there is no greater beauty upon which to rest the eyes than to see the endless rolling swells of a calm sea, to observe a school of playful porpoises, to watch a swift, smooth flight of the flying fish, to watch the floating, coasting albatross a thousand miles from land, to watch the sparkling whiteness of the waves as they plunge into the ship, and to know the unbelievable esthetic wonders of nature in the setting sun of an endless glittering ocean.


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