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INTRODUCTION The subject of this paper was chosen because of my deep interest and concern for the Elmhurst P.T.A.'s and their activities. Having been a teacher member for seven years, a parent member for two years, and a P.T.A. board member, I have become keenly aware of the P.T.A.'s value in Elmhurst. I have seen many things that I believe make Elmhurst P.T.A.'s outstanding and a few things that seem to me to be not up to standard. I hope to help bring into better focus the practices of Elmhurst P.T.A.'s so that they may be studied by administrators, teachers and parents for possible improvement if it seems to be warranted. PURPOSE The purpose of this study is to determine the extent to which the Elmhurst public elementary school parent-teacher associations are accomplishing the objectives and following the policies established by the National and State Congresses of Parents and Teachers. METHOD The method I will follow to accomplish this purpose will be to: 1. Determine through library research the objectives and policies of the National and State Congresses of Parents and Teachers. 2. Determine the objectives and policies of each local Elmhurst public school parent-teacher association by means of interviews with leaders in each local unit. 3. Compare the objectives and policies of the local Elmhurst units with those of the National and State Congresses. SCOPE The schools that are involved in this study consist of eleven kindergarten through sixth grade schools and two seventh and eighth grade Junior high schools. The total enrollment in the thirteen schools is approximately six thousand. For a list of the schools and their enrollments see table one on page six. Background - The City This study is primarily concerned with the public elementary schools of Elmhurst, Illinois. I therefore present a brief description and evaluation of the city. Elmhurst today is primarily a residential community of approximately eleven thousand homes. It is the largest city in Du Page County and the county's leading retail shopping center. The Elmhurst-Chicago Stone Company, operating from a quarry in Elmhurst, is the only heavy industry.


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