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Purpose. The purpose of this study was to ascertain the relationship of player performance to basketball team play. Procedure. This study includes eight members of the 1965-66 East Leyden High School varsity basketball team. The test items were analyzed and carefully selected by a Jury of experienced coaches. A staff of five coaches, two high school students, a sports editor and the writer accumulated the necessary data during the 1965-66 basketball season. These recorders were trained by doing the identical recording during the 1966-65 basketball season. Following two weeks of practice and prior to the first game of the season, each basketball player was asked to rate his fellow team members on "all around" playing ability to determine the best basketball player on the team. This rating was to be based on his own observation during practice. The coaches and the writer also rated the players at the beginning of the season based on observations during two weeks of practice, and again at the end of the season based on observations during actual team play. Each subject was then ranked according to the frequency of studied skills. A correlation between the subjective ratings by the players, coaches, and the writer, and the test skill ratings was then made. Findings. This study was an attempt by the writer to ascertain the relationship of player performance to basketball team play. The objective was to establish what game factors are most important in a player's performance. From the data gathered in this study, the following was found to be true, the number of fouls a player accumulates and his free throw shooting ability have little effect on his total performance; the more violations a player commits, the lower is his subjective rank; the players, the coaches, and the writer placed the same emphasis on various abilities of the subjects when rating the players; and the team members can do a commendable job of rating themselves.


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