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Giordano, Francesca G.||Sells, James Nathan, 1958-

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Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)

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Department of Counseling, Adult and Higher Education


Promise Keepers (Organization); Racism--Religious aspects


This dissertation investigated (1) the correlation between frequency of church attendance and number of Promise Keeper (PK) rallies attended by male Caucasians and (a) the level of racial prejudice, (b) Self-Assessment Manikin (SAM) scores for African-American speakers at PK, (c) the amount of social distance, and (d) the level of core values; (2) the correlation between religious affiliation and the same variables; (3) the relationship between core values and (a) the level of prejudice, (b) the level of SAM scores, and (c) the amount of social distance; (4) the relationship between levels of prejudice and (a) the level of SAM scores and (b) the amount of social distance. This study was a single-subject design using survey instruments. There were three independent variables: church attendance, number of PK rallies attended, and religious affiliation. There were four variables that functioned as either independent or dependent variables, including core values and racial-prejudice scales. Two variables always functioned as dependent variables: scores on African-American speakers at PK and the amount of social distance. Participants for the study were drawn from Caucasian attendees at a PK rally. Data were gathered from the 261 attendees who returned their questionnaires. Two measures were used: An ANOVA and a Pearson Correlation. A significant relationship was found between number of PK rallies attended and level of PB scores, and between religious affiliation and social distance. A Pearson correlation was used to determine the relationship between core values and levels of prejudice. A significant relationship was found between PE and AB (r̲ = .26) and between HE and PB (r̲ = .31). The conclusion notes implications for professional counselors and future research.


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