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Demaray, Michelle K.

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Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Department of Psychology


Psychology; Educational psychology; Statistics; Victims of bullying--Mental health--Research; Depression in adolescence--Research; Teenagers--Mental health--Research; Cyberbullying--Psychological aspects--Research; Suicidal behavior--Psychological aspects--Research


The current study investigated the relations among the constructs of traditional victimization, cyber victimization, social support, depression, and suicidal ideation in a sample of adolescents. Although these constructs have been extensively studied in the literature, the relation among these constructs, especially among cyber victimization and social support, is not well known. Results indicated that both traditional victimization and cyber victimization were found to be positively related to depression. Traditional victimization, but not cyber victimization, was found to be positively related to suicidal ideation. Depression was found to fully mediate the relation between traditional and cyber victimization and suicidal ideation. Finally, contrary to the prediction, social support was not found to buffer the relation between victimization and internalizing distress. The current investigation confirms the complexity of the relationship between victimization and social emotional outcomes. Future research would benefit from continuing to investigate bullying-related behaviors from within a social ecological framework.


Advisors: Michelle K. Demaray.||Committee members: Christine K. Malecki; Nina S. Mounts; Laura D. Pittman; Alecia M. Santuzzi; Kelly H. Summers.


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