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The purpose of this research paper was to determine the opinions of selected Illinois secondary school shorthand teachers regarding the expectation that the changes presented in the Diamond Jubilee edition of Gregg shorthand have resulted in easier learning and in better transcription skill when compared with the Simplified edition. The opinionnaire utilized in the study was mailed to the 75 public high schools in the counties of Cook (except the city of Chicago), DuPage, DeKalb, and Ogle. Replies were received from 64 of the 75 high schools, an 85.3 per cent return. From these 64 schools replying, a total of 92 teacher-completed opinionnaires were returned. Of these 92 opinionnaires, 34 the responding teachers had either not taught Diamond Jubilee or had only taught Diamond Jubilee. As a result, 58 opinionnaires were used for tabulation and analysis in the study. After the tabulation and analysis of the opinions of the 58 secondary school shorthand teachers involved in the study, the following major findings can be presented. The shorthand teachers included in this survey believe in general that the Diamond Jubilee edition: (a) provides for easier learning of theory, results in increased ease in taking dictation, and results in more accurate transcription (b) provides for easier teacher presentation of theory, creates less hesitation and questioning on the part of the student, and has not affected student writing speeds noticeably; (c) changes in brief forms have not affected student learning and achievement; (d) changes in word beginnings and endings are more easily learned and applied, but that these changes have not necessarily affected student dictation rates; (e) reduces the "learning load," increases transcription readiness, and aids in eliminating the hesitation caused by the necessity for choice making when reading or writing shorthand outlines; (f) textbooks are better organized and are easier to teach than the Simplified textbooks; (g) shorthand curriculum offerings will not be affected because of the use of Diamond Jubilee. The shorthand teachers included in the survey who had taught the combinations Simplified-Diamond Jubilee and Anniversary- Simplified-Diamond Jubilee appeared to be in rather close accord regarding the Diamond Jubilee edition in the selected areas investigated.


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