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Coleridge; Samuel Taylor; 1772-1834; Lamb; Charles; 1775-1834


In general, it is the intention of the author of this paper to indicate that Charles Lamb and Samuel Taylor Coleridge exerted a mutual influence on one another by conversation and in correspondence from 1796 to the time of Coleridge’s death in 1834. Research material read in preparation for the writing of this paper includes biography, personal letters, and creative and critical works by the two authors. Therefore, the research is broad enough in scope to present an extensive picture of the relationship which existed between Lamb and Coleridge and specific enough to deal with their various literary interests. Three facts make it possible to support the contention that Lamb and Coleridge influenced each other: 1) they shared both broad and specific literary interests; 2) Lamb was responsible for encouraging Coleridge to investigate new writers and to continue his literary endeavors; 3) Coleridge encouraged Lamb to pursue criticism as a literary form, to engage in journalism, and to read certain authors who were to prove helpful to Lamb in his literary composition. The writer of this paper traces the friendship of Lamb and Coleridge from its beginning at boarding school through its successive stages of growth in mutual understanding and respect. Such respect resulted in the exchange of manuscripts and of criticism. The author of this paper, then, is interested in the events of their friendship, but store specifically he is concerned with the question of whether or not this friendship resulted in the sharing of enough interests, ideas, criticisms, and acquaintances to be instrumental in advancing the respective literary careers of Charles Lamb and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.


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