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Statement of the problem. The purpose of this study was to review the book and supply practices in secondary schools in Illinois; to ascertain factors related to purchasing and control; to determine the present trends in store operations; and to compare results of the study with other studies. Method of procedure. A questionnaire was the main method of gathering data. It was mailed to eighty-two school business managers and results were received from fifty of them. Summary of the findings. Business Managers were totally responsible for textbook and supply operations in 56.3 per cent of the districts. In an attempt to measure school stores sales it was found that 32 per cent sold textbooks, 79 per cent sold workbooks and 70 per cent sold supplies. Book rental fees varied $5.00 to $21.00 per year. Median rental was $10.00; the average was $11.21. Money spent on books per pupil ranged from $2.25 to $30.00. The median spent was $9.00; the average, $9.53. Eighty-six per cent of the districts take bids on supply purchases. Thirty-eight per cent had central receiving. Sixty-three per cent used a perpetual inventory. Eighty-six per cent said their stores were self-supporting. Markup on merchandise varied from zero to 33 1/3 per cent; textbooks from zero to 20 per cent. The store profits go to various funds; the Educational Fund received 28.5 per cent. The loss was absorbed by the Board of Education. Gross annual dollar volume in the stores ranged from $2,050 to $290,000; the average was $59,350; and the median was $34,500. The store sizes varied from 15 to 3,000 square feet per district. The average size was 613 square feet; the median was 400 square feet. The largest percentage of 67.6 per cent said the bookstore should serve the student. The second largest group was 12.1 per cent who said the bookstore should not compete with local merchants.


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