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Rohde, Charles J., Jr., 1918-2007||Mathers, Carrol K.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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The life history of Lebellula luctucan Burmeistar was stud!ed in the laboratory using eggs from an ovipositing female captured August 24, 1964. Naiads hatched in experimental chambers September 3, 1964 were fed paramedia and enchytraeid worms at different stages in their development. No attempt were made to regulate air and water temperature during the experiment. Oxygen content end pH of the water were regularly measured. Middle and late instar naiads proved to be in tolerant of water low in oxygen. Naiads passed through 12-14 instars during a period varying from 12-115 days. One to seven specimens of each instar were preserved for later examination. Nineteen different measurements were made on these naiads and used in drawing a typical instar stage of each to scale. A reduction in feeding activity by the naiads along with thoracic color changes were found to be excellent emergence indicators. The process of emergence was observed in five specimens end several photographs were taken. The emergence process of the adults took from 7-15 minutes but with no indication of preference for time of day. Naiads of the same species captured in May were reared to adulthood to compare their development and emergence dates with the experimental naiads raised from eggs. No differences were noted in the development of the two, and their emergence dates were comparable.


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