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Art--Exhibitions; Art; Modern--20th century


The problem is to find out whether or not the impact of the International Exhibition of Modern Art, held in the Sixty-Ninth Regimental Armory Building in 1913, and being the first large scale exhibit of modern art in this country, had a significant role in the development of modernism in the United States by its artists, and its acceptance by the general public. The methods and procedures used were those of the normative - survey method. Historical accounts and records were obtained. These included: history books, catalogues of art exhibits, art critic reports, magazine editorials, newspaper accounts, and the procuring of letters of opinion from American artists and museum curators of the period studied. Following examination and study of the data, these conclusions seemed justifiable: I. The greatest impact was felt by the young artists of the period who had not yet formed an established style or practice. Many consequently were influenced by the modern movement shown in the Armory Show and remained with it down through the years. II. The strict, formulated, photographic style of the academy was broken and a new fresh art evolved around creativity rather than the cold, regimented copying of nature. This spirit of freedom in painting is evident in the abstract expressionism of today. III. Because of the shock felt and expressed by the earlier visitors to the 1913 Show, many others viewed and became interested in art and its place in their culture. IV. Direct influence of the Show and modernism has been seen in design, architecture, manufactured products and the work of present artists. V. Because of early interest by the public and those interested in their art culture, we have many more art museums, gallerias, schools, art publications and tools that we would not have had until sometime to come.


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