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Williams, J. David||Shearer, William M.

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Speech therapy


This study was undertaken in an effort to determine whether a speech improvement program at the kindergarten level is an effective means of reducing articulation errors. Eighty-three kindergarten children, comprising four classes, participated as subjects. These four classes were chosen at random out of a total of seven classes available. The teachers of these four classes also participated in the program. Two of the classes served as experimental groups. The teachers of these classes were asked to review for five minutes daily the activities presented at demonstration lessons given by the speech improvement teacher. The remaining two classes served as control groups, and these teachers were asked not to provide any speech help that they would not ordinarily give. Bryngelson-Glaspey Speech Improvement cards were used in testing the subjects both prior to and following the program. The demonstration lessons for the experimental group were on the first and third Fridays of January through April and were approximately thirty minutes in length. Following the administration of the speech improvement program there was a slight but non-significant decrease in number of articulatory errors in the experimental group.


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