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Plowman, Sharon A.

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Department of Physical Education


Motor ability in children--Testing; Physical fitness for children--Testing


The purposes of this study were to determine: a) the reliability of the PACER (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run) and agility runs; b) the relationship between V02 max scores calculated from the PACER and one-mile run (1-MR); c) the influence of agility on PACER and 1-MR performances; and d) to compare the influence of agility on the PACER and 1-MR in fourth- and fifth-grade students. Subjects were 62 males and 54 females (M age=10 +0.8 years) who performed the agility run twice, the PACER twice, and the 1-MR once. Each test was separated by at least 48 hours. Results indicated that both the PACER (in levels, R=.82; laps, R=.84; predicted V02, R=.84) and the agility run (R=.92) were reliable tests in this population (p<0.05). The PACER and 1-MR had a moderately high correlation with each other in laps and time (r=-.63 males, r=-.57 females), and in predicted V02 values (r=.64 males, r=.50 females). The majority (>77%) of students either passed or failed both the PACER and 1-MR criterion-referenced standards. This indicates that the cutoffs for the standards on the PACER and 1-MR are equivalent and reliable in practical terms. Zero order correlations between the agility run and PACER (r=-.45 males, r=-.39 females) and 1-MR (r=.38 males, r=.31 females) indicated that between 10 and 20% of the endurance run performance was accounted for by agility in the respective tests. When agility was held constant, the variance between the PACER and the 1-MR and between the predicted V02's from the PACER and 1-MR decreased by 5-10%, confirming that agility is as important in the mile run as in the PACER. It was concluded that the PACER test is a reliable test which is measuring primarily the same physical fitness attribute as the 1-MR with similar criterion referenced standards and without being unduly influenced by agility. Therefore, the PACER and 1-MR tests can be used interchangeably in this age group.


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