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Industrial location; Waukegan (Ill.)--Industries--Location


The endeavor of this work is to examine the contemporary Industrial geography of Waukegan, Illinois, how this Industrial community developed, Its present structure, and the problems it currently faces. Waukegan's location on the shores of lake Michigan within close proximity to the world's greatest railway center, Chicago, contributed to the development of industries in the study area. This adequate system of railway transportation, combined with the cheap water transportation of Lake Michigan, offered many manufacturers an easy means of procuring and shipping materials. The physical features of Waukegan's topography, with its industrially suited land along the lake plain, the stimulating climate and the abundant water supply for industrial consumption attributed to the industrial development of the community. Waukegan's population, which has risen steadily since the 1890's, assured manufacturers an adequate supply of labor. An examination of the major industries of Waukegan and their location demonstrates the contemporary industrial patterns and characteristics. Waukegan now possesses economic stability and a wide diversification of products. Waukegan anticipates the need for greater industrial expansion. To accomplish this, new industrial sites roust be developed and the port facilities of the community must realize their full potential.


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