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Work measurement


This study is a combination of library research to enable the writer to familiarize himself with the area of work measurement and the problems involved in administering a work measurement program. Along with the library research is a study of an actual case involving work measurement in an automobile assembly plant. The library research portion of this paper brings the reader through the types of work measurement systems and the problems involved with industrial relations when this type of system is being administered. The second portion of the study has to do with the problems involved in the area of work measurement at an automobile assembly plant, the Chrysler Belvidere Assembly Plant, which was undergoing considerable turnover of personnel, which the writer interpreted as being due to its work measurement program. The study was accomplished through in depth interviewing of management personnel. This included line foreman through middle management superintendents. Also involved was the industrial relations manager. The study showed that there were many problems in the work measurement system and that the employee turnover rate could be correlated with the program. The most significant part of the study was in the fact that the work measurement program was completely fair and administered correctly. The problems were found to have stemmed from the fact that the employees were improperly trained. Due to the fact that they had not been trained in the performance of their operations, they could not keep up with them on the line. The lack of understanding and improper motions caused undue fatigue, and built up the impression that the work was too hard, culminating in voluntary quits. The solution to the problem was found through further interviewing of the middle management, to be not only insufficient training, which turned out to be only an effect relationship, but the true cause of the problem was found to be insufficient funds alloted by top management to the departmental superintendents to allow them to put on extra men for the purpose of proper training.


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