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Magliano, Joseph P.

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Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Department of Psychology


Cognitive psychology; Social psychology; Exile (Punishment); Marginality; Social--Psychological aspects; Social isolation--Psychological aspects; Identity (Psychology)


This dissertation examined whether a perceiver's social motivation affected the probability of mentally adopting the viewpoint of another person, known as visuospatial perspective taking (VSPT). This dissertation extended VSPT research by altering a perceiver's socio-motivational state via social exclusion before completing a VSPT task.;Experiment 1 successfully demonstrated that perceivers spontaneously engaged in VSPT when another person was present in a stimulus photo relative to when another person was absent. Experiment 2 replicated this finding and demonstrated that socially included participants and socially excluded participants did not differ in their tendencies to exhibit VSPT. Experiment 3 replicated Experiment 2 and further demonstrated that, regardless of whether perceivers were exposed to a social inclusion manipulation or were exposed to a social exclusion manipulation, those perceivers tended to engage in VSPT at a rate similar to the rate observed in perceivers who were not exposed to a social motivation manipulation (control condition). These results suggest that the VSPT system is modular in nature and therefore unaffected by social motivation.


Advisors: Joseph P. Magliano; John J. Skowronski.||Committee members: Amanda M. Durik; Randy J. McCarthy; Thomas J. Smith; Katja Wiemer.


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Northern Illinois University

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