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Personal injuries--Illinois--Chicago; Employers' liability--Illinois--Chicago


Throughout the investigation o-F this study it seems evident that off—the-job injuries are not nearly as much o-F a concern to companies as on—the—job injuries are. However, in recent years the ability to reduce off-the- job injuries which result in lost time and money has been a growing concern -For companies who wish to be in the lead with their safety record. Statistics revealed in this study do indicate that the amount of off—the-job injuries and what they are costing the nation in production time and compensation to injured workers is staggering. This study will determine what the impact is of off—the-job injuries in the manufacturing industry in the city of Chicago associated with production and insurance costs. Three hundred companies to be surveyed for this study were randomly selected from The 1937 Manufacturing Directory of Illinois using the simple random sampling method. Survey questions pertaining to production costs established the average costs incurred involving salary loss, production loss, retraining costs, and increased premiums on workers' compensation. Additional questions established the number of injuries which have resulted in lost work time and the average number o-f work days per injury that were lost due to an injury. The implications o-f the results o-f this study have shown that more injuries and costs associated with them occur as a result o-f on-the-job injuries. This is not to say that many injuries do not occur o-f-f the job, because they do in large numbers. According to the results of this study, more injuries occur on the job versus o-f-f the job. Although more injuries occur on the job, there is not a significant difference, according to this study, between those that occur on the job and o-f-f the job.


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