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Novak, Ralph S.||Green, Gerald G.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Management


Electronic data processing


The tremendous growth rate of computer installations in this country has resulted in "growing pains" which are not totally unexpected, especially in the area of utiliza­tion. In 1963 the results of a survey were published which indicated that proper utilization of the computer was not to be found in a majority of companies. Management was thus warned of a problem that existed within its organiza­tions. Utilizing present literature on the subject, drawing from four years of personal experience in this field and analyzing the results of a survey conducted by the author, it became apparent that in the smaller companies the warn­ing had not been heeded. This paper describes the causes of failure by organizations not fully utilizing the power at their disposal, the effects that these organizations must expect as a by-product of installing a computer, and steps that will, if not eliminate, at least control the factors that result in improper utilization of a major busi­ness asset.


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