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Perry, Eugene C., 1933-

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Geology


Hydrogeology--Yucatán Peninsula; Geology--Yucatán Peninsula; Geochemistry--Yucatán Peninsula


The western north coast of Yucatan has four geomor- phic zones: the dune ridge, swamp-lagoon, tsekel, and karst. The mangrove swamps in the area have been altered due to a man-made breach in the dune ridge. Ground water appears to be confined in the coastal zone of Yucatan by a dense calcrete layer that extends across the surface of the carbonate bedrock. The hydraulic head has been increased and the salt water interface has been depressed in the coastal zone due to the presence of these confining conditions. Large ground-water fluctuations have been correlated with tidal oscillations. These fluctuations are used here to calculate aquifer dispersivity, and provide limiting values for the hydraulic conductivity in the carbonate bedrock. The primary processes affecting geochemistry that are occurring in the water bodies in the study area are mixing of fresh and salt water, evaporation, and precipitation- dissolution of carbonate minerals. The majority of the water samples taken from the study area are supersaturated with respect to dolomite, aragonite, and calcite.


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