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Dill, Howard R., 1918-2004||Smith, Wilbur A.||Fred, Bernhart G., 1914-1986

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M. Mus. (Master of Music)

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Scarlatti; Alessandro; 1660-1725. Vocal music. Selections; Purcell; Henry; 1659-1695. Vocal music. Selections


This paper deals with five songs of Alessandro Scarlatti and Henry Purcell. Two songs by Scarlatti and three songs by Purcell comprise the group selected and are contained in the second group of the author's voice recital. Each song was studied separately for (1) form, (2) tempo, (3) meter, (4) harmonic scheme, (5) rhythmic devices, (6) text, and (7) the relationship of the accompaniment to the vocal line. Listed below are the titles and composers of the songs contained in the second group of the recital. GROUP II "Gia il sole dal Gange"....... Alessandro Scarlatti "Le Violetta" ............ Alessandro Scarlatti "Music for a while,” from Oedipus ......... Henry Purcell "Aeolus's Song," from The Tempest ...... Henry Purcell "A Roundelay," from The Mock Marriage .... Henry Purcell The songs chosen serve as excellent models of the accompanied solo song as developed in England and Italy during the Baroque Era, and therefore a short review of Seventeenth-century Baroque music and the accompanied solo song will be included. In addition a brief biography of Scarlatti and Purcell and a study of their songs will be presented.


Includes bibliographical references.||Includes music.


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