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Illinois Theatre Association--History; Theater--Illinois--History


The Illinois Theatre Association could be defined as an organization dedicated to the growth, quality and awareness of theatre in the state of Illinois. Its purpose is to provide the public with information about the extent and variety of theatre. It works toward the encouragement and facilitation of closer and better communication among professional, community, and educational theatre. The organization was formed to affirm the value of theatre in the lives of individuals. It is an organization that serves theatre people of Illinois on all levels. This is a study of the development of a volunteer organization as it seeks to fulfill service goals in its field. There are four basic reasons why the study of this organization is important. First, the organization's significant growth and importance to its constituents and to the theatre in the state of Illinois makes this study of its development valuable. It is also worthwhile to explore the developmental stages of the organization's growth. In exploring this developmental growth in documented form, we can better understand the process, pattern and difficulties of growth and development in a volunteer organization. Finally, the lack of effort in the past to preserve documents of the history of the I.T.A. has left a great deal of information uncataloged and in some cases lost. The I.T.A. has provided a valuable service in the state of Illinois. It is important to note that it became the organization that united all theatre areas in the state coming together to share information and common problems. Therefore, it proved its original purpose of forming an organization away from the Illinois Speech and Theatre Association (I.S.T.A.) which was not providing this service. Its chief accomplishment was to establish valuable conferences, festivals, meetings and other services that have provided increased opportunities for improving the quality of theatre and theatre education in Illinois.


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