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Gould, Howard W.||Hasan, Mazhar

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Atomic theory


A historical development of science is made primarily to acquaint the reader with the origin of ideas which are employed as usable tools in modern science. Through such study the student acquires an appreciation of the time, work, and intense thought which are prerequisites to the formulation of a theory. A deeper understanding of the laws which are considered, as basic can also develop as a consequence of such a study. Not only do interesting historical sidelights make the study of science more meaningful, they also can help the student relate developments in the sciences to their contemporary thought and activity in other fields of man's endeavors. Today is the atomic age, the age of the atom. As it was important for the man of the fire age to learn about fire, so is it very important that man of this age know about the atom. While this paper is not intended to be a technical description of each of the atomic theories, it is instead designed to trace briefly the development of the ideas and to describe their meaning without derivation.


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