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Dubofsky, Melvyn, 1934-||Owens, Kenneth N.

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Child labor--Illinois


In 1925, Congress put to the states the proposed 20th Amendment, whloh sought to regulate the labor of children under eighteen years of age. This study has focused on the battle that raged in Illinois for acceptance or rejection of the amendment. Materials used for research case from a variety of sources. First, and most important, were the Grace Abbott Papers. This collection of documents was Important because Grace Abbott, a resident of Illinois, headed the U. S. Children’s Bureau during the twenties and commanded an executive position in the Illinois Child Labor Committee. In addition, the bulletins and publications of different interest groups, and a selection of state newspapers, provided much needed information, The results of this study revealed that while Congress thought federal regulation of child labor necessary, the various states thought differently. In a sense, Child labor controls were not radical, but a federal child labor law was too much for a traditional progressive nation to accept. Hence, the minority of social-reformers had to wait until the Depression came to witness their ideas slowly and adamantly accepted.


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