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Smith, Matthew B.

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures


Language and languages--Study and teaching; African Americans--Study and teaching; Theater


This thesis is a play written in English based upon the French audio recording entitled J'ai venge la race by Maurice A. Sixto, famed Haitian story teller, comedian, diplomat and language professor (1919-1984). Mr. Sixto is regarded in Haitian literature as an oratory genius for his uncanny ability to analyze every segment of Haitian society using a rich and prolific narrative. With humor, wisdom, and a deft understanding of Haitian societal norms, he used his iconic voice to create authentic characters that have become part of the Haitian cultural fabric. His stories exposed the ills plaguing 20th century Haitian society; everything from the psychological remnants of slavery, to class differentiation and discrimination, to the attachment to the French language versus the use of Haitian Creole in bureaucratic and academic arenas, and beyond. As it is written, the play is in keeping with the Haitian literary tradition of a narrative within a narrative style of storytelling that Sixto uses in J'ai venge la race. The play also does not support a fixed chronological canon, leaving its conclusion without closure and open to speculation. Thematically, the play is polymorphous, its themes ranging from the supernatural, to historical criticism, to personal testimony, to mysticism, to sex.


Advisors: Matthew Smith.||Committee members: Shannon Becker; Mark Schuller.


vii, 94 pages




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