Bryant Henry

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Shaffer, John C., 1938-2017

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Physics


Electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy; Copper; Argon


This paper covers topics relevant to the isolation of copper in an argon matrix at 4.2 °K and the determination of the corresponding electron spin resonance spectrum. While no resonance spectrum was actually obtained, the material presented here provides much of the information necessary to obtain such a spectrum. An experimental determination was made of the rate at which copper evaporates from a tungsten filament. Though this data was found to agree with predicted evaporation rates only in a narrow range of temperatures, it is believed that in the region of interest the evaporation rates may be adequately predicted. Statistical methods were then employed to estimate the ideal ratio of copper to argon atoms in the matrix. The basic theory of electron spin resonance is discussed and the concept of a spin Hamiltonian is introduced. The effects of the matrix on the spectrum of copper are examined. The expected shift in the hyperfine constant of copper due to matrix effects is calculated using pertubation techniques and is found to agree with experimental results. Correlation was rather poor, however, when a similar treatment was applied to predict the matrix-induced shift in the spectroscopic splitting factor.


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