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Fernhall, Bo

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Department of Physical Education


Exercise--Physiological aspects; Music--Physiological effect


The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of music on physiological submaximal exercise variables and endurance. Ten untrained males (x̅ age = 20.20 yrs) and ten untrained females(x̅ age = 21.40 yrs) performed a maximal bicycle ergometer test. Male subjects weighed significantly more (x̅ = 83.44 kg vs. 60.99 kg) and had a greater absolute V̇O₂ max (x̅ = 3.59 1·min^(-1) vs. 2.35 1·min^(-1)) and V̇[sub E] max (x̅ = 110 1·min^(-1) vs. 80.92 1·min^(-1)) than females (p̲ < .001). Each subject then participated in two randomly administered test trials at 75% of maximum with fast tempo music (>140 bpm) or no music present. Subjects were blind to the purpose of the study. Data were collected every 3 min for RPE and HR, and were continuously collected and averaged into 1-min values for V̇O₂, V̇[sub E], and R for both submaximal tests. Blood lactate was collected during mid-exercise, immediately following exercise, and 3 and 6 min post-exercise for both maximal and submaximal tests. ANOVA revealed no significant difference between males and females or between test conditions, indicating that neither sex nor music affected submaximal bicycle endurance. The data analyses further revealed that neither sex nor music exhibited a significant effect on relative V̇O₂, HR, RPE, and blood lactate (p̲ > .01). Males exhibited higher submaximal absolute 'O'Og and V̇[sub E] values than females (p < .001), but music did not significantly influence absolute V̇O₂ or V̇[sub E] for either sex. These results indicate that music does not enhance exercise performance.


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