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Parham, Ellen S.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Human and Family Resources


Overweight persons--Psychology; Eating disorders--Psychological aspects


The perceived effect of ten emotions on desire to eat was studied in 62 obese and nonobese, restrained and unrestrained women. Results indicate restrained eaters are more likely than unrestrained eaters to report that joy, tension, anger, frustration and depression affect their desire to eat. No difference of reports of the emotions affecting desire to eat was seen between the obese and nonobese groups. Degree of restraint and the de- gree/direction of the effect of tension, anger, frustration and tiredness on desire to eat was significantly and positively correlated. Weight status and degree/direction of the effect of tension, anger, tiredness, discomfort and fear on desire to eat was significantly and positively correlated. Significant positive correlations were found between Emotional Score, a measure of the effect of all of the emotions of desire to eat, and both eating restraint and weight status. No interaction was found between BMI and restraint on Emotional Score, but BMI and restraint were found to have significant separate effects on Emotional Score. Restrained eaters and obese subjects were more likely to report they sometimes/usually overeat in response to stress than unrestrained eaters and nonobese subjects. No differences were found between groups related to reports of undereating in response to stress. Restraint may be the strongest factor related to eating in response to emotions, but weight status appears to be a factor as well.


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