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Seaver, Earl J., III

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Communicative Disorders




This study investigated the fluent productions of primary and secondary stutterers. An acoustic analysis was made of their fluent productions. Five primary stutterers and five secondary stutterers served as subjects for this investigation. Each subject was asked to produce the words "heed, who'd, had, hawd, and hud" six times each for a total of thirty productions. In this study, both subject groups demonstrated centralization of the first and second formant values in the target vowels. It was expected that this would be seen in the adult population for the reason hypothesized by G. Zimmerman in 1980 and by R. Klich and G. May in 1982, that adult stutterers reduce their articulatory movements in a conscious attempt to control their fluency. However, the primary stutterers, who were not aware of their stuttering behaviors, also demonstrated vowel formant centralization in their productions. These results raised doubts that the deviant behaviors of the primary stutterers were executed consciously in response to their awareness of their stuttering. Theoretical implications were discussed.


Bibliography: pages 33-34.


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