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Kahler, Robert||Brigham, Robert J.

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Body weight; Wrestling


Purpose: The problem investigated in this study was to determine the effect of rapid weight reduction on the strength, power and reaction time of Elmwood Park Community High School wrestlers. Procedures: The study was conducted with the use of thirty subjects. The wrestlers were selected at random from the three levels of participation: ten from the varsity level, ten from the sophomore level, and ten from the freshman level. In order to facilitate the isolation of the effect of rapid weight reduction on strength, power and reaction time, the experimental group was tested four times over a period of six-weeks. Test One revealed the weight, strength and reaction time at the beginning of the season as opposed to Test Two after five-weeks of conditioning, training and gradual weight reduction. Four-days separated Tests Three and Four which indicated the existing effect of the rapid weight reduction upon performance. All four tests were administered in the following order: 1. The grip-dynamometer test. 2. The pull-up test. 3. The vertical-jump test. 4. The bar-dip test. 5. The reaction-time test. 6. The leg-lift dynamometer test. Testing took place during the subjects practice session and morning weigh-in period. Statistical treatment of the data in this study included the use of the "t" test. The one per cent level of confidence was accepted in determining the significance of the "t" ratio. Results: The results Indicated that rapid weight reduction had little or no effect upon strength, power and reaction time of wrestlers in the Elmwood Park Community High School. There was, however, a significant gain in power as measured by the vertical-jump test.


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