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Prahlad, K. V.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Biological Sciences


Endocrine glands; Rats--Physiology; Fungicides--Physiological effect


The effect of Nabam, a goitrogenic fungicide, on the normal physiology of the female rat was studied in 4 experiments. Groups I and III were treated for 35 days. Groups II and IV were treated for 60 days and left intact. On day 45, 14 experimental and 12 control animals were bilaterally ovariectomized. Three days prior to sacrifice, half of the ovariectomized animals were injected with 3 pg of estradiol-17s daily (Group VI) and the other half received corn oil daily (Group V). The animals were sacrificed and the uterus, ovaries liver, adrenal glands, and thyroid gland were removed, weighed, and frozen. A piece of uterus and thyroid tissue were prepared for electron microscopic examination. Uterine alkaline phosphatase activity and protein content, adrenal ascorbic acid, and liver glycogen content were determined. Nabam treatment resulted in a significant weight loss and induced a hypothyroid state. The thyroid gland weight was significantly higher in treated animals. Epithelial cells showed marked hyperplasia and lacked colloid droplets. The relative weights of uterus, ovaries, and adrenal glands were also higher for the treated animals. The liver glycogen and adrenal ascor bic acid content was slightly higher for the treated animals. Uterine protein content decreased in the Nabam treated animals. Data from the alkaline phosphatase determinations were inconsistent in all of the groups. There was no difference between the activity in proestrus/estrus and metestrus/diestrus animals. The ovariectomized animals in Group V did not show a decrease in alkaline phosphatase activity. Estrogen did not appear to affect the alkaline phosphatase activity in the Nabam treated animals in Group VI. Nabam did not appear to alter the ultrastructure of the uterus. Normal changes were seen in response to estrogen. Nabam did affect litter size and birth weights of pups born to treated mothers. Birth weights were significantly lower and there was a higher incidence of fetal death. The results indicate that Nabam administration produces some detrimental effects on female physiology and reproduction.


Bibliography: pages 98-101.


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