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Caldwell, Loren T.||Gould, Howard W.

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Department of Earth Science


Science--Study and teaching (Secondary)


Today it is generally agreed that science should form an essential part of the hard core of a school curriculum. However, there are vast differences of opinion concerning the nature of the science courses, the content of the courses, and the grade level for the offering of these courses. There is an increasing demand in secondary schools for a science program that meets the needs of accelerated students. This thesis deals with the selection and evaluation of physical science concepts from present secondary school general science outlines that would be suitable for use in a seventh and eighth grade science program. The writer selected ten ninth-grade physical or general science texts to be used In this research. From these ten texts, a large number of physical science concepts were selected at random from the five major areas of physics and chemistry. The writer then selected two texts found to be most representative of the ten texts. After the selection of the representative texts, a criteria was established for the determination of five representative concepts. The five representative concepts were analyzed and evaluated on the following criteria: (1) frequency of presentation of the concept, (2) interdependence of the concept with the other branches of science, and (3) the chance for experimentation to develop the concept. Through the selection and evaluation of selected concepts, this writer has tried to establish a basis for the up-grading of the general science program.


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