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Armstrong, Carmen L.

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Art


Communications in small groups; Small groups; Media programs (Education)--Psychological aspects


This study was concerned with the influence that member satisfaction and group communication has on project goal attainment. Specifically, the study focused on finding how the quality of group-produced multimedia presentations was affected by the communication of the group and the satisfaction of each group member. Communication of each group was examined through observations, surveys and interviews. The purpose of this aspect of the study was to determine the following: (1) the openness of the communication system, (2) the degree of member participation, and (3) the degree of productive communication. The groups' use of communication in handling conflict and disagreements was also recorded. It was found that positive communication and maintenance of interpersonal relationships allowed for effective decision making. The ability of a group to make decisions allowed for accomplishment of task assignments and permitted the group to progress towards the project goal. The level of satisfaction of each group member was observed and recorded. Areas that were investigated included member satisfaction with the following: (1) the interpersonal relationships of the group, (2) the groups' progress towards the project goal, and (3) the participation of both self and that of other group members. Analysis of results, of both the groups' communication and member satisfaction, found that each has a definite influence on project goal quality. The most successful multimedia presentations were produced by groups displaying open communication, communicative participation by the total group membership, and continual productive project communication during work sessions. Members of the most successful productions reported higher satisfaction in the interpersonal relationship of the group. These members also acknowledged satisfaction with the groups' progress towards the project goal and that participation was a co-operative effort by all the members. Finally, the study found that effective group communication and high member satisfaction were key factors in the success of group-produced multimedia productions.


Bibliography: pages [74]-75.


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