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Business education--Bibliography


A bibliography of selected resource books encompassing the entire area of business and economic education has not been available for a number of years. Since many schools are now establishing busi­ness education resource centers, the compilation of appropriate resource books was considered to be a worthwhile project. To construct this bibliography, the sources used were care­fully searched to include books that would cover the subject content as stated in Business Education for the Seventies.1 These sources include Senior High School Library Catalog, Junior High School Library Catalog, The Booklist, Library Journal, Balance Sheet, and Journal of Business Education. Only hard- and soft-back books suitable for student use in the high school were included. In general, the books were published after 1966. Each book included in the bibliography relates either to a specific course in business education or to the general area of business education. Government publications were omitted. Excessive duplication of content was avoided. There were 249 books that met these criteria. Textbooks were listed in a separate chapter. The 620 titles included in the textbook listing were found from searching the publishers' catalogs. These entries are not evaluated and do not contain annotations. Many of these books are suitable for inclusion in the resource center as additional books; but, because they were not listed in a separate, independent selection aid, they were placed in this chapter. Many business education teachers do not have the library science background necessary for organizing a business education resource center. Therefore, the final chapter contains the procedures to be followed in setting up a resource center and cataloging the materials that are to be placed in the resource center. 1. Business Education for the Seventies (Springfield: Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Vocational and Technical Education Division, 1972), 60-272.


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