Alpa Shah

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Parham, Ellen S.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Home Economics


Fruit juices; Urinary tract infections; Hydrogen-ion concentration; Diet therapy


The effect of acidifying foods on the urinary pH of 20 adults suffering from recurrent urinary tract infection was investigated. Subjects were prescribed 4 glasses of cranberry juice and an acid ash diet for five days. After the completion of the first therapy, a break period was given during which there was no dietary manipulation. Following the three days of break, Therapy II was prescribed during which cranberry juice, plums, prunes, grape juice, and acid ash diet were consumed. Urinary pH at each voiding was recorded by the subjects during the entire experimental period. The feeding of acidifying foods with an acid ash diet decreased the urinary pH values during the therapy periods significantly (p <.005) from the break values. There was no significant difference between the mean urinary pH values of Therapy I and Therapy II. A moderately significant correlation (coefficient = .660) was found between Therapy I and II. The study suggests that part of the cranberry juice could be substituted by plums, prunes, and grape juice as an acidifier.


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