Lois B. Park

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Parham, Ellen S.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Reducing diets--Psychological aspects


The effect of a monotonous diet on caloric intake was studied in 31 women who were at least 15 pounds above ideal body weight. A cross-over design placed subjects on a 1260 calorie monotonous diet for three weeks. An exchange diet was used for the other dieting period. The monotonous diet was based on the exchange plan with limited choices. Subjects were primarily restrained eaters as indicated by the Stunkard and Messick Eating Inventory. The results showed the caloric intake was not significantly different between the two diet regimens, although the caloric intake was slightly lower on the exchange diet as compared to the montonous diet. Weight loss was not correlated to the diet treatment. Both groups lost the greater amount of weight during the first three weeks of the study irrespective of the diet regime. Compliance to the diet plan was higher with the monotonous diet. Pleasantness ratings of food eaten showed little variation from week to week, indicating that the pleasantness of the food did not decrease as the monotonous diet progressed. Hunger ratings reported at the time of eating did not increase or decrease markedly as the weeks of each diet progressed. The monotonous diet used in this study did not facilitate a reduction in calorie intake compared to an exchange diet planned at the same caloric level.


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