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Novak, Ralph S.

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Cities and towns--United States; Industrial location--Illinois; Belvidere (Ill.)--Economic conditions; Rockford (Ill.)--Economic conditions


The purpose of this investigation was to determine the economic impact of the Chrysler plant on cities of Rockford and Belvidere, Illinois for the year 1964. This study also projected the economic growth for the above communities for the years 1965 through 1968. Salient economic indicators along with comparable study of Wilmington and Newark, Delaware were used to measure this impact. Wilmington and Newark are very similar to Rockford and Belvidere on the basis of size and the economic indicators studied. A Chrysler plant was formally announced for Newark and in 1957 and in Belvidere in 1963. The time differential between the announcements of the two plants gave the researcher the opportunity to compare the economic impact before and after a Chrysler plant in the area of study and to make projections for the Illinois area based on what happened in Delaware. In general, out of the six economic indicators used, there was only one indicator which showed that the Chrysler plant had any impact on the Rockford-Belvidere area for the years 1964. The indicator was net income. One of the most important discoveries made by this study was that since the announcement of the Chrysler plant in Newark, the city of Wilmington has decreased its rate of advance in all areas measured with the exception of per household income. During the same period of time the economic indicators for Newark increased acutely. If, in general, all factors are equal between the area of Belvidere-Rockford and the area of Wilmington and Newark, Delaware, it is quite possible that within the next three years we will see the city of Belvidere increase in size and stature and the city of Rockford will gradually decrease in its rate of expansion.


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