The distributional effects of taxation and tuitions for higher education in Illinois, 1960-1969

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Lloyd, Jolie W.

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Economics


Universities and colleges--Illinois--Finance


The purpose of this thesis is to investigate whether or not the system of public higher education in Illinois during the 1960's was responsible for any income redistribution from the lower income residents to the higher income residents of this state. This study concludes that (1) during the 1960's, the tax paying residents of Illinois subsidized students enrolled in public higher education institutions of that state; (2) the lower income families in Illinois bore a proportionally higher share of taxes for the public higher education subsidies than the higher income families; and (3) students from the higher income families in Illinois seem to have benefited the most from subsidized higher education during that decade. The overall picture presented in this thesis indicates that the system of taxation in Illinois as well as the structure of Illinois subsidies to higher education during the 1960's was responsible for a redistribution of income from the lower income families to the upper income families of this state.


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