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Lankford, James E.

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Communicative Disorders


Deafness--Prevention; Rural population


The purpose of this study was to diffuse information about the consequences of farm noise into the farming community and to investigate the effectiveness of this hearing conservation program. At the 1988 Farm Progress Show farmers and spouses filled out a survey questionnaire, volunteered to have their hearing tested, and were given recommendations regarding hearing test results and hearing protection practices. One year later 506 questionnaires were mailed to these same individuals querying their attitudes toward the availability of hearing testing at the show, the hearing conservation brochure, and the use of ear protection. Attention was also focused on recommendations regarding further examination/ evaluation, and on the purchase of hearing aids. There were 239 of the 506 questionnaires completed and returned for a response rate of 47%. Results indicated that 92% valued the hearing test, and the hearing conservation brochure. Fifty- seven percent reported using the ear protectors provided them at the show, and 57% indicated an increased usage of ear protectors. In 1988, 37% of the males reported using ear protectors, whereas in 1989 usage had increased to 73%. Use of ear protectors by females increased from 19% in 1988 to 67% in 1989. A x² analysis for each group revealed that the increase in ear protector usage was significant (p < .01). Results also revealed that 5% of the respondents had purchased amplification systems during the intervening year. Of those who had received a recommendation to see a doctor and/or audiologist, 24% followed that instruction. It was concluded that this single intervention program focusing on hearing conservation in the agricultural population was effective in motivating farmers and spouses to increase their use of hearing protective devices when in noisy environments.


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