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Briles, W. Elwood

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Biological Sciences


Histocompatibility antigens; Major histocompatibility complex; Immunogenetics; Erythrocytes


Erythrocyte suspensions from adult chickens and embryos as young as five days of incubation were tested for the expression of the cell surface antigens of the chicken MHC region (B̲ complex). The antigens in question are those produced by the ̲B-̲F and B̲-G̲ chromosomal regions. Four different haplotypes B̲²¹, B̲¹⁹, B̲², and B̲²³ were studied to determine the age of expression of the B̲-F̲ and B̲-G̲ antigens. Two 2 21 haplotypes, B̲² and B̲²¹, expressed an antigen that is probably the 23 B-F antigen as early as six days of incubation. The B̲²³ haplotype 19 expressed the B-F antigen three to four days after hatching. The B̲¹⁹ haplotype expressed the B-F antigen at approximately 15 days of incubation. The haplotypes tested for the expression of the B-G antigen, B̲² and B̲²³, expressed the antigen at five days of incubation.


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