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Yankow, Henry G.||Nelson, J. H. (Professor of business)||Novak, Ralph S.

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Sterling Township High School District 300; (Sterling; Ill.); School boards


STATEMENT OF PURPOSE A survey conducted recently by the National Education Association revealed that the typical high school board of education conducted its community's school problems and business in less than twenty-seven hours per year. Although this survey may be challenged, one fact generally agreed upon is that too little time is given by school boards to the management of the community's schools. However, the very make-up and organization of a school board does not lend itself to more concentrated administration of school management. This being the case then, effort must be given to greater expediency of present school board meetings. However, this is not a simple task under the present conditions of many school boards, for too often much valuable time is spent in school board meetings searching for a previously established policy which may pertain to current conditions of the school management. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case. There would be no time consuming problem of any consequence provided accurate records of board action had been kept in the form of a school board manual an board policy. Such has been the case of the school board of District #300 of Sterling, Illinois over the past decade. Any advantage that today's school board can realize from past board action must be salvaged from ten years of board meeting minutes. The purpose of this paper is threefold: 1. To examine the need and value of a written manual of school board policy. 2. To compile a Manual of School Board Policy for District #300 from records maintained in the past minutes of board meetings within the period of April 1st, 1952 - June 30, 1961. 3. To make a comparison of this manual of board policy with the manual of policy of the Joint Committee of the National Education Association and the American School Boards Association. In addition, the Manual of School Board Policy for District #300 was compared to the policies of ten selected high school boards, and conclusions drawn therefrom.


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